Excelisys Christo Lowe, Excelysis Inc United States (view our profile)

"Finally someone gets it... We at Excelisys applaud the FMPug team who opened their minds and ears, and listened! Now there is a way for EVERYONE to find a qualified FileMaker Developer based on ANY criteria combination of what should matter - skill-sets, FileMaker certifications, years in business, size of company, location, JUST to name a few. has an incredible and flexible search engine design that allows those seeking qualified talent in the FileMaker community a way to do so that is incredibly easy and intuitive! And it only gets better, has an exciting feature in its future that will allow clients to give ratings and feedback (like Ebay & Amazon) so those seeking FMP individuals and organizations can benefit from the wisdom of those before them. Finally - the playing field has been leveled!"

Goya Nicholas Orr, Goya PTY Australia(view our profile)

"Andy and the team at FMPug have created the ultimate one stop shop for any FileMaker developer who wants to get noticed. will be THE place to list your details"

iSolutions, Inc Cris Ippolite, iSolutions, Inc. United States (view our profile)

"Once again, the FileMaker industry needs something and Andy Gaunt delivers. Find FileMaker Developers fills a void in the FIleMaker community with style and with features that go beyond experimental to "just right". Another fine offering for anyone who works with FileMaker or needs to."

Linear Blue Paul de Halle, Linear Blue Great Britain (view our profile)

"As one of the largest FileMaker development companies in the United Kingdom, finding good developers can be problematic. We've been eagerly awaiting the launch of from the FMPug team."

Linear BlueMatt Navarre, MSN Media United States (view our profile)

"FindFileMakerDevelopers is the perfect solution for a company looking to find a FileMaker consultant. It offers all the information you need, it eases the selection process, and lists only serious contenders. It's also the perfect solution for the consultant to provide and update their listing. In the end, this will create better matches between clients and programmers than was previously possible."


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