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LuminFire (formerly

5155 East River Rd Suite 405
Minneapolis, MN 55421
United States

P: 612-564-1626

est: 1986

Your business more effective, productive, and profitable

LuminFire creates brilliant custom apps and stunning web sites so your company can be more effective, productive, and profitable.

Our flagship business management software fmIgnite provides a foundation platform for building custom iPad/iPhone, macOS, Windows and web software to meet your exact business needs. We are able to implement a completely customized technology solution more quickly, with a much greater feature set, and at a lower cost than building a solution from scratch with FileMaker or any other set of application development tools. We specialize in integrating external systems with FileMaker including WordPress, Avalara, Basecamp, Slack, MailChimp, Cvent, QuickBooks, AccountEdge, etc.

LuminFire technology solutions provide incredible value. fmIgnite-based solutions often gain companies efficiencies and automation in the range of 1-3 Full Time Employees (FTEs). With each FTE costing $30,000 to $80,000/year, Return on Investment (ROI) can be realized in a short time period. Our custom technology will allow you to take advantage of many benefits including: growth potential without the need of additional personnel, improved customer service, access to more accurate and useful business information, and increased employee satisfaction/retention.

Example case studies of ROI:
> A retail giant saved nearly a million dollars when they built a $50,000 FileMaker solution instead. Another FileMaker-based project provided an annual $50,000 savings for a one-time investment of $40,000.
> Language translation company invested $150,000 in initial custom application build and has reaped savings of more that half a million dollars for more than 10 years.

LuminFire is the leading FileMaker developer in the upper midwest region with hundreds of successful development projects and installations. Our company has been a trusted technology resource for businesses for over 30 years. See our web site for many valuable resources and free advice.

We can work together in a variety of ways: business analysis, consulting, new development, training, mentoring, coaching, hosting, support, maintenance, enhancement, troubleshooting, installation, etc. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota we have clients all over the world and can work effectively as your remote technology partner.

FileMaker Pro Certification

This area lists any/all applicable FileMaker development certification(s). Certification is officially sanctioned by FileMaker Inc and all developers who qualify have completed and passed the official exam for the specified version of FileMaker Pro. Certification covers competency in the areas of general development as well as server-based aptitude..

 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer

FileMaker Trainer

This company offers a wide range of services to help people expand their FileMaker knowledge. While some companies offer training through formalized class or seminar formats, other companies focus more on individual needs through remote and on-site instruction. Where “FileMaker Training Series” is checked, these trainers have successfully completed course requirements authored by FileMaker Inc. and teach seminars geared specifically toward persons obtaining certification.

 New User Server Training Remote Training On-site Training Class Based Training 1 on 1 Training Virtual Training (DVD or Online)

FileMaker Specialty

A list of specialties, or areas of discipline within the FileMaker development arena

 Buttons Custom Functions ESS Export Data Excel Migration Import Data Layout Design Quickbooks Integration Report Creation Scripting FileMakerGo


This section includes a list of core competencies (as it relates to FileMaker development) where the company has a proven level of experience or offers it as a trademark skill.

 Audit Logging HIPAA Compliance Needs Determination Needs Analysis Higher Math Statistics Security Data Modeling Citrix Terminal Services Server


This section illustrates the computer languages used to make queries into databases and information systems. When checked, the company has working knowledge and/or advance aptitude in that particular language.

 FileMaker Access AppleScript Bento Excel MySQL MS SQL Server ODBC SQL

Remote Control/Access Support

This company can offer support from remote locations using the following technology.

 Apple Remote Desktop LogMeIn Microsoft Remote Desktop Timbuktu

Web Technology

The following list includes all technologies especially suited for web development -- building, creating and implementing web sites as well as sites with a Db backend.

 PHP FX.PHP FileMaker PHP API Custom Web (CWP) Instant Web (IWP) AJAX soap css xhtml html email imap iPhone Lasso CDML

Web Hosting

This company offers web hosting. See below for the available options.


A platform describes the type of hardware architecture or software framework (including application frameworks), that allows software to run. Typical platforms include a computer's architecture, operating system, programming languages and related runtime libraries or graphical user interface.

 Mac Windows iPhone iPad

Professional Accreditation & Affiliation

The following includes professional agencies, organizations and/or groups where the company is an active member.

 FMPug Network FMPug Chapter Coordinator FileMaker Technical Network (Technet) FMPug Vendor Network FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum (FBA Platinum) FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA)


A security clearance is a status granted to individuals allowing access to classified information. The term "security clearance" is also sometimes used in private organizations that have a formal process to vet employees for access to sensitive information. Anyone with access to classified data requires a clearance at or higher than the level the data is classified at. For this reason security clearances are required for a wide range of jobs, from senior management to contractors and sub-contractors.

Location Preference

This section illustrates the company’s preferences as it relates project location and travel requirements. Certain companies prefer to omit long distance travel, while others are willing to commute daily and spend their time directly on-site.

 Part Time On-Site Remote Travel As Needed

Language Support

 English French


Bio for Tim Cimbura

Tim is an expert in creating custom business solutions that make your business more efficient, productive, and profitable. He specializes in FileMaker application development (certified in versions 8-16) for macOS, Windows, iPad/iPhone as well as integration with the web using WordPress, PHP, and AppleScript. He knows Apple technology and Windows systems inside and out.

As a teen, Tim was recognized as a real life whiz kid when he began working as a programmer of educational software at 16 years old and licensing complex computer code he wrote to other developers. Since that time, Tim has had the opportunity to be a technology leader in fortune 50 corporations like Target (including Marshall Fields), American Express, and Honeywell where he played a key role implementing their most advanced technologies. He has run his consulting business for over 30 years, acted as Chief Technology Officer for businesses, and led successful technology start up companies.

Tim has a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology and is a certified FileMaker developer. Tim will meet you at a coffee shop, but expect him to order a hot chocolate or orange juice. His favorite foods are Pizza and Chipotle. His hobbies include magic, juggling, biking, hip hop group fitness, playing piano / trumpet / drums, and speaking French. He is passionate about his family and two young girls. Follow Tim on Twitter @timcimbura.


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