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Extensitech, LLC.

105 N. Main Street
Tampa Bay, FL 34601
United States

P: 800.232.4839

est: 2001

Take your business to the next level

Our mission is to provide extensible technology solutions that can adapt and grow with our clients' needs. If you have an existing FileMaker solution, we can help you upgrade it, improve it, streamline it, integrate it and generally make it better.

Additionally, we can advise you on how to best apply technology to your specific business needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the technical wizardry is in line with the actual business needs. It's easy to add a drop-down field here, or a new screen there, but we'll also listen closely to what you're trying to accomplish, and let you know if there are better, or easier, options. We're not just techies, we're experienced business professionals who can understand and evaluate your needs.

We've created custom solutions in many different industries: printing companies, law offices, non-profit organizations, universities, laboratories, agriculture, document management, manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing, real estate and more. Our talent is in listening to how you do business (and how you want to do it) and leveraging FileMaker and other technologies to support your particular needs. Check out our many case studies on our web site for some of our past projects.

We serve clients all over Florida, but also in other states and even other countries. By using remote desktop software, we can respond quickly to your needs, without the expense, hassle and delay of travel, even if you're not in Florida, or the US, at all.

Call us today for a free consultation... not a sales pitch, a true consultation. Sometimes we find that a potential client is better served by existing, "off-the-shelf" software, or by doing some or all of the work themselves, or by leveraging some program or solution they already have. We won't try to get your business unless we know we're the best option for your needs!

These reviews are provided by our clients directly to

4.62/5 - Residential Leasing Group

Incredibly professional and they truly understood our business. We went far beyond our original scope once we realized the potential benefits.

4.70/5 - Florida Traditions Bank

Extensitech has developed a loan processing program for us that has automated our loan processing function, saving us time and money.

4.69/5 - City of Orlando

Extensitech took what could be a difficult process for a "non-techie" and made the learning process interesting and easy to understand.

4.46/5 - Fitlife Foods

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4.67/5 - Com-Pac Filtration, Inc.

Very Knowledgeable And Helpful Beyond The Single Solution

4.77/5 - Trinity Graphic

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4.69/5 - CARD at University of South Florida

Chris understood who we are, what we do, and how we could do it better.

4.62/5 - Success Sciences Inc.

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5.00/5 - Security Fire Equipment, LLC

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4.77/5 - Mac of All Trades

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4.77/5 - Florida Power and Light

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4.67/5 - University of Florida CARD

Working with Extensitech has been a pleasure.

4.85/5 - Memorabilia Magic

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4.54/5 - Tranzon Driggers

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5.00/5 - FSC Franchise Co., LLC

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5.00/5 - CPS Health

Professional, Fast and Effective!!!

4.75/5 - Everest University Online

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5.00/5 - Jack Ward Fire Consultants

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5.00/5 - American Life Enterprises, Inc.

Working with Extensitech was better than I could ever have imagined!

4.92/5 - StressFree Property Management

Amazing database work at very fair price with limited techno geek understanding required for end user.

4.77/5 - Stress Free Property Management, Inc.

Chris Cain is an extraoridinary programmer with excellent business sense.

4.46/5 - Osprey Biotechnics

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4.70/5 - PHI Development

Extensitech is very professional and knowlegable.

5.00/5 - Richard Weylman, Inc.

Excellent AND Excellence!

4.56/5 - Templeton Group

A filemaker Pro Wizard.

4.85/5 - Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at USF (CARD-USF)

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 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
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 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
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Bio for Chris Cain

Hello, I'm Chris Cain, Senior Developer and owner of Extensitech, Inc. I began working with FileMaker in 1992, with version 2.0. At the time, I was running a small business in Orlando, and improving our FileMaker solution as new needs arose.

Later, I spent several years in business analysis and business consulting for larger businesses in Orlando, Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, and Silicon Valley out in California. I worked on larger projects and with enterprise-level software like Siebel, Oracle and PeopleSoft, and my role was primarily to gather project requirements, help the users with new software, and identify opportunities to leverage the software. As I worked with these larger companies and larger projects, I still remembered my roots in small business, and my experiences with FileMaker. Often, to help me work out or explain a particularly challenging data need, or business process, I'd mock it up in FileMaker.

I began to notice that many of the key features of enterprise software were quite doable in FileMaker. Likewise, while many of the business processes that were used in larger companies didn't make sense for small businesses, some did, but weren't widely known.

In 2001, I returned to Florida, resolved to work again with small businesses, and to convert my knowledge and experience from large, expensive projects to more effective, less costly projects for smaller businesses. I worked as an independent for a few years, and then in 2004 formed Extensitech, Inc.

I've created software solutions for distribution companies, an agriculture company, non-profit organizations, a membership organization, printing companies, a document management company, a franchise company, a photography studio, a delivery company, and many more. I've also worked on existing solutions, where the clients just wanted to "tweak" a solution they already had. (Check out the "Case Studies" tab on our website for more details.)

In each case, I've listened to the client's needs, and built solutions that worked for their business. Given my experience, I can also offer insight into other ways of doing things, from other industries and other business sizes, that you won't get from an industry specialist.

One of the reasons I returned to Florida was that I was fed up with the attitudes found in big projects and consulting companies. The emphasis there is often on protecting the account, and booking the hours, rather than getting the job done correctly and quickly.

My attitude is that I'm either making you money, I'm saving you money, or I'm wasting your money. I never want to waste your money, or your trust, just to make a buck. Our free initial consult is just that: a consultation, not a sales pitch.

If we can't add value to your project, I'll tell you so. I've done it before. Even once a project is started, if I see that there's a better or less expensive way to meet your needs without my help, I'll let you know and tell you how. I've done that before, too. My integrity, and earning your trust, is far more important to me than keeping your account active or billing you for more hours.

Give me a call and let's talk about what you need, and what we can do for you. I look forward to meeting you!

Bio for Jason Sanders

Hello, My name is Jason Sanders and I'm a Senior Developer at Extensitech, Inc. I've been developing custom business solutions with FileMaker since 2005 starting with version 7 and have had extensive experience with each subsequent release.

My main body of work has been defined by a very large FileMaker system that has stretched the known boundaries of the FileMaker platform and employed some of the most cutting-edge tools available. Through this project, which was originally developed and deployed by another developer, I have worked closely with many FileMaker favorites like Soliant, eConnectix and 360Works as well as the FileMaker Engineering team to troubleshoot, enhance and, eventually, re-develop the solution to take it from it's original deployment at a single location with 200 users to its current state at three locations and 1500 users.

In addition to my work in creating, deploying and maintaining large scale FileMaker solutions, my other specialties include systems integration, document management, contact management, activity management, plug-in deployment and business analysis.

Communication is the key to delivering a great solution and I put my skills as a natural communicator to great use making sure that I understand my clients' needs and that they know what to expect at each stage of the process.

Finally, integrity is the foundation of my work and you'll find that working with me and Extensitech is a refreshingly open and honest experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide fantastic value to our clients and we achieve that by making sure that there are never any surprises and that we deliver on-time and under-budget.

Give us a call and let us show you how we can take your business to the next level!

Bio for Wayne Jackson II

My name is Wayne Jackson II and I am a recent graduate from University of South Florida (class of 2014) where I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology. I am FileMaker Certified in version 12 through the current version.

While in college, I started my own computer repair business, Wayne Jackson’s Computer Services, where I offer repair, optimization and virus removal for MAC and PC platforms. I’m familiar with various languages and programs such as FileMaker Pro, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, PHP, all Microsoft applications, C, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and C++. I have experience in various areas, relevant to Extensitech’s work, such as program design, user interfaces, computer networking, data structures, data algorithms, technical writing, database systems, software engineering and operating systems.

I’m familiar with a variety of industries, not only from working during college, but also assisting with family owned businesses. These years of experience have given me real world critical skills helpful in database design and my problem solving capabilities. I have background experience in property management, food service, education, building materials, electronics, and sales. My work history includes selling refurbished equipment online, via eBay, for a recycling management company, tutoring children at Kumon, working as a deli clerk at Publix, offering window replacements door-to-door, and cold-calling as a survey representative for a marketing company.

My fresh education, combined with my life experiences, and creative thinking give me powerful tools needed to provide positive and critical input at Extensitech. My level of comfort in designing interfaces, databases and calculations makes me feel “at home” here at Extensitech. I’m learning new and valuable skills daily and continually growing rapidly as a developer.

Bio for Crystal Smith

Hello, I’m Crystal Smith and I was brought onto the Extensitech team in May of 2012. I’m responsible for marketing, sales, public relations, customer account management, and licensing. In addition to working with both new and existing clients, I also work closely with many community organizations, networks, affiliations and groups on behalf of the company. I’m also heavily involved in volunteer work and fund raising events for local, non-profit organizations.

In my previous career I was the Managing Director of Sales for a major, international, company who manufactured and distributed all-natural car care products. My work, prior to Extensitech, was to handle wholesale accounts, licenses, sales and operations worldwide. My primary client base was in China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Australia, though I worked heavily with clients throughout North America, South America and all parts of Europe.

I’ve worked in a variety of industries, most of which I held a sales & marketing position, some of those industries include mobile phone technologies, electronics, lighting, pest control, landscaping, auto detailing, food service, medical products and outdoor power equipment. I’ve also had more ‘hands on’ work including things like being a “winder” assembling the die-electric cores for capacitors used on NASA projects; soldering light strips and assembling joysticks for SugarLoaf brand claw arcade machines; mobile phone technical support and testing for companies like Verizon, PrimeCo and Alltell.

Though my work and experience in FileMaker is very minimal, I understand how to use my knowledge and experiences to be a big asset to Extensitech. I’m often providing helpful input into client development, interface design, consultation, business analysis and I play a large role in providing client support in my licensing and customer account management duties. My skill sets have been instrumental to handling business development related tasks.

What I’m most proud of, beyond my skill set, is my reputation, business morals and personal core values. I hold these things in higher regard than my ability to earn a paycheck. This was why I believe I fit in so well with the Extensitech team. I joined this team because their values, reputation and clients were the most important thing to them, and they were obsessed with their work, their legacy and their impact in the community. Their goals and mine matched very closely and they’re constantly driven to surpass their last achievements.

I feel that these unique and ambitious qualities were the biggest factor in my decision that this was where I wanted to be, to pursue a higher level of personal accomplishment and growth, not just for myself, but as a team.


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