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eXcelisys, Inc.

17541 Darden Rd.
South Bend, IN 46635
United States

P: 866-592-9235
F: 317-759-6500

est: 2001

Where Data & Design Combine, To Increase Your Bottom Line!

eXcelisys, an FBA Platinum FileMaker Certified developer, celebrates over 15 years specializing in building, supporting, migrating, upgrading, tweaking, fixing, and integrating quality custom FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go Development, FileMaker Web Direct Development, MySQL, PostgreSQL, WordPress, Excel to FileMaker conversions, iPhone and iPad integration, and other various database technologies and frameworks for Web, Mobile, and Desktop solution strategies. Our goal is to foster solid long-term relationships, provide exceptional value, high quality results, intuitive end-user usability and excellent customer service for our clientele. As the designers and developers of the original FileMaker Business Tracker and the eX BizTracker, now at V4 ( we take pride in our intuitive interface designs, dependable logic schema, and logical work flow processes.

Through quality service and innovative ideas, Excelisys' goals are to provide both business process consulting and custom FileMaker Pro development services that people within any organization or business type can depend upon. Excelisys has some of the most EXceptional and EXperienced FileMaker certified developers who think inside and outside of the proverbial development box and always go that EXtra mile to consult, create, and implement the best solutions and/or fixes that you can rely on for now, and well into the future!

We do not claim to be the "cheapest" in the FileMaker Pro consulting and development arena, BUT what we do offer is fair and competitive rates without compromising a high standard of quality and integrity. We maintain this balance of price and value through properly managing the resources we have and using one of the best RAD tools of our trade, FileMaker Pro.

Don't settle for less...
We're proud of our FBA Platinum FileMaker Certified developers (egad we brag) here at Excelisys and the methods we use to deliver our services to people like you - no matter how big or small you may think your company and/or project may be. Don't miss this opportunity to work with one of the most reliable and reputable international FileMaker Pro Development Teams, contact us today for a free consultation and estimate, whattya got to lose!?

These reviews are provided by our clients directly to

4.31/5 - CHORI

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5.00/5 - VECCS

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5.00/5 - Simplified Software

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4.85/5 - Lynden Logistics, Inc.

Doug West = Ah-mazing!

4.69/5 - J&J Worldwide Services

Ken is always available even on Sunday afternoon at the Airport.....

4.50/5 - The Universal Church

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4.77/5 - Question Galore

Professional hardworking programmers.

3.92/5 - Johnstone Supply, Inc

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4.78/5 - private

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4.67/5 - Self

If you need quick and reliable consultants, Excelisys will jump over hoops to get it done right.

4.50/5 - For Rent By Owner, Inc.

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5.00/5 - Geauga Park District

Professional, accurate and efficient with time on the project.

4.73/5 - Aviad

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4.45/5 - Salk Institute

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4.77/5 - Texas School of Professional Photography

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4.64/5 - Medicina Oral

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4.30/5 - University of Calgary

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4.77/5 - TRW Innovations, LLC

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4.55/5 - Cowhorn Vineyard and Garden

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3.82/5 - Lone Mountain Cattle Company

Professional & communicative

3.69/5 - Bow & Arrow Productions Inc.

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4.62/5 - Texas School of Professional Photography

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3.88/5 - Blood Water Mission

Creative and accommodating and always patience. Excellent knowledge of Filemaker

4.00/5 - Lazy E Ranch

Difficult project, awesome results wonderful support

4.50/5 - Reggie Barnes

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4.00/5 - Christian Camps and Conferences, Inc.

Folks who can connect the dots to make a project work!

4.77/5 - Direct Obits, LLC

I asked for intuitive function, Excelisys gave me innovative solutions.

4.91/5 - Pro Tools Express

First rate professionals that you can always count on!

4.38/5 - Patton Picture

Solid collaboration and attention to our needs.

5.00/5 - Lakeshore Learning Materials

Excelisys Found the Solution to Our FileMaker 6 Troubles

4.17/5 - James Hardie

Excelisys provides creative value add solutions

4.25/5 - Cossey & Associates Inc.

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3.75/5 - Tactx Medical Products

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4.40/5 - Howe Military School

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4.50/5 - Hy-tech Tile

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4.54/5 - Gibson Insurance Group

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4.67/5 - Hagen-Sinclair Research Recruiting, Inc.

I'm completely impressed by the Excelisys team and grateful for their efficiency and professionalism, which is critical for a small business owner like me.

3.54/5 - The Actors' Network

Great programmer, challenging journey.

4.23/5 - Spectrum Digital Services, LLC

I wish all vendors had the same level of expertise and professionalism that Excelysis has.

4.15/5 - ASAP Aquatics

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4.23/5 - RiverView Campground

Excelisys gets it done.

3.85/5 - Boaters Emergency Service / Rescue Marine

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3.77/5 - Delta Alpha Publishing

Very good on production and delivery

4.27/5 - MediaBank


4.13/5 - Harte-Hanks

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4.69/5 - Notre Dame Press - University of Notre Dame

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5.00/5 -

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3.82/5 - Ceva Biomune

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5.00/5 - King Shots, Inc.

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4.83/5 - Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris

We started with a microcosm of what I ultimately hoped to do, scaled up from there with Excelisys, and two years on ended up with a product that vastly exceeded my expectations.

5.00/5 - EEC

We found the expertise and responsiveness we needed!

4.85/5 - Touchstone Innovarè

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4.00/5 - Pacific Distributing

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3.88/5 - Chapin Hall at The University of Chicago

I think we lucked out by having a developer extremely intelligent and able to apply learnings to find the best solutions.

5.00/5 - Cisco Systems

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4.75/5 - iQueu Consultants

Selecting Excelisys as our partner is one of the most important decision we have made.

4.27/5 - Call-A-Nurse

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4.88/5 - The Works Sports Academy of Orange County

catch me on this later - we're still working, but I'm sure glad I found you guys -- also, you've got a "gem" in Rick - he did just the right amount of "wooing" to keep me on the line even when I was not planning to spend money!!!

4.00/5 - Avical

Professionalism at its' best.

3.83/5 - James Hardie

Great resource for topnotch developers

4.31/5 - Kiko

It will only hurt a little

FileMaker Pro Certification

This area lists any/all applicable FileMaker development certification(s). Certification is officially sanctioned by FileMaker Inc and all developers who qualify have completed and passed the official exam for the specified version of FileMaker Pro. Certification covers competency in the areas of general development as well as server-based aptitude..

 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer
 FileMaker  Certified Developer  - FileMaker Certified Developer

FileMaker Trainer

This company offers a wide range of services to help people expand their FileMaker knowledge. While some companies offer training through formalized class or seminar formats, other companies focus more on individual needs through remote and on-site instruction. Where “FileMaker Training Series” is checked, these trainers have successfully completed course requirements authored by FileMaker Inc. and teach seminars geared specifically toward persons obtaining certification.

 Web Enablement Remote Training 1 on 1 Training Virtual Training (DVD or Online)

FileMaker Specialty

A list of specialties, or areas of discipline within the FileMaker development arena

 Buttons Custom Functions ESS Export Data Excel Migration Import Data Layout Design Quickbooks Integration Report Creation Scripting FileMakerGo FMTouch Development


This section includes a list of core competencies (as it relates to FileMaker development) where the company has a proven level of experience or offers it as a trademark skill.

 Needs Determination Needs Analysis Security Data Modeling HIPAA Compliance Statistics Citrix Terminal Services Server Audit Logging Higher Math


This section illustrates the computer languages used to make queries into databases and information systems. When checked, the company has working knowledge and/or advance aptitude in that particular language.

 FileMaker Access ASP ColdFusion Excel Java MySQL MS SQL Server ODBC Postgres Servoy SQL SQL Lite Sybase Visual Basic AppleScript Bento Objective C C+ Cocoa DabbleDB REALbasic

Remote Control/Access Support

This company can offer support from remote locations using the following technology.

 Apple Remote Desktop Leopard iChat PCAnywhere Timbuktu Adobe Connect LogMeIn Microsoft Remote Desktop Yugma Webex SupportCenter Netopia eCare GoToAssist

Web Technology

The following list includes all technologies especially suited for web development -- building, creating and implementing web sites as well as sites with a Db backend.

 PHP Custom Web (CWP) Instant Web (IWP) javascript SEO html email pop iPhone Lasso FX.PHP FileMaker PHP API Flash .net AIR flex java css xhtml xml xsl xslt smtp imap WAP CDML AJAX  soap

Web Hosting

This company offers web hosting. See below for the available options.


A platform describes the type of hardware architecture or software framework (including application frameworks), that allows software to run. Typical platforms include a computer's architecture, operating system, programming languages and related runtime libraries or graphical user interface.

 Mac Windows iPhone Linux Unix Windows Mobile Palm

Professional Accreditation & Affiliation

The following includes professional agencies, organizations and/or groups where the company is an active member.

 FMPug Network FileMaker Technical Network (Technet) FMForums FMPug Vendor Network FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum (FBA Platinum) FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) SyncDeK Developer Alliance


A security clearance is a status granted to individuals allowing access to classified information. The term "security clearance" is also sometimes used in private organizations that have a formal process to vet employees for access to sensitive information. Anyone with access to classified data requires a clearance at or higher than the level the data is classified at. For this reason security clearances are required for a wide range of jobs, from senior management to contractors and sub-contractors.

 Secret (Level II)

Location Preference

This section illustrates the company’s preferences as it relates project location and travel requirements. Certain companies prefer to omit long distance travel, while others are willing to commute daily and spend their time directly on-site.

 Full Time On-Site Remote Travel As Needed Part Time

Language Support



Bio for Christo

Christo - Founder/CEO: began his career in technology back in 1986, when he was given his very first Macintosh Computer to write a database solution for the Photo/Graphics department for the University of Notre Dame. Since then, he has had the opportunity to work with various large and small companies as a consultant, an employee, a manager, and now of course an owner dealing with several software applications and a plethora of database and web technologies. Christo has a unique way of understanding the needs of companies, the individuals, and departments within those organizations. After working for some consulting firms both small and large, he decided to start his own company, Excelisys, with a strong emphasis toward customer service, quality, and constant communication. He continues to build a team of loyal and devoted people who have the same common goals, passions, and insight into building intuitive custom information management systems for LAN, WAN, Mobile, and Web deployments.

Bio for Greg Furry

Greg Furry - VP of Technology/Project Manager: brings a plethora of skills to Excelisys and its clients. Most recently as the director of technology for a leading systems integrator, Greg assisted a wide variety of clients from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. He is a proven leader in advanced technologies and applications, providing clients with open state-of-the-art solutions that incorporate both existing and emerging technology. The father of three boys, Greg enjoys sailing, basketball and just about every sport or outdoor activity. He brings to Excelisys his expertise in all things geeky and a strong desire to find the perfect solution for his clients.

Bio for Kurt Knippel

Kurt - VP of Production/Project Manager: began developing software in high school and continued in college learning Pascal, C++ and various forms of BASIC. He started designing databases professionally in dBase III using Clipper to customize, install, and train his company's sales departments on custom solutions including others he developed in Access, Paradox, FoxPro and Lotus Notes. Kurt has worked for several successful consulting firms selling, customizing and training sales, telemarketing and customer-service departments on Telemagic, both the DOS and Windows versions. In 1994, using FileMaker Pro 2.1, he built a successful commercial sales force automation product, that he continued to expand and update as new releases of FileMaker emerged over the years. Kurt broadened his knowledge of RDBMS systems by installing/configuring, customizing and training users on sales solutions with back-ends in Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server. He then went on to work as a successful independent FileMaker developer as well as a senior/lead developer for three of the leading FileMaker development companies. Kurt joined the Excelisys team after spending several years as an IT/Operations manager at an architectural firm, where he was responsible for the development and administration of 5 FileMaker servers hosting more than 700 databases.

Bio for Duane W.

Duane has been developing enterprise web-integrated FileMaker solutions for an international travel publisher since 1996. He has developed numerous solutions involving SyncDek, Lasso, PHP, and MySQL integration. He has been a member of FSA/TechNet since 2003 and has attended DevCon numerous times. In addition to his development work, Duane is a dedicated Mac user. He is the Web Master for his local Macintosh User Group and has also served on the board since 2002 as Treasurer. In his spare time Duane enjoys photography, movies, writing music, and spending time with his family.

Bio for Andrew P.

In 1992, Andrew sat down with a copy of FileMaker Pro 2.0 and was instantly hooked. Since then, he has been the lead developer on a wide variety of solutions, including a robust accounting system, a comprehensive medical management solution and a mass-marketed photography management product. His background in graphic design and desktop publishing is displayed in the attractive and intuitive interfaces that are characteristic of his solutions. Among his many other projects, Andy is co-author of the FileMaker Business Tracker.

Bio for Ken M.

After earning his history degree in 1998, Ken began work with a small manufacturing firm where he was introduced to FileMaker Pro. Shortly thereafter, he became an in-house developer and by the end of 2003 and was maintaining, retrofitting, and enlarging a 75+ file solution that powered a 12 million dollar company. After moving to Texas, Ken developed a custom solution for a Cingular wireless retailer. When he is not buried in work, he can be found in his wood shop, tooling around his Kentucky house, or watching yet another History Channel program. However, it is his hands-on experience that affords Ken an in-depth understanding of the facets large scale FileMaker projects.

Bio for Levi V.

Coming from an exercise and health care background, Levi has been building FileMaker databases since FileMaker 1.0. She has created primarily orthopedic and nonprofit applications. A quote from a friend sums up her attitude about FileMaker Pro, ""Levi thinks everything can be solved with FileMaker Pro."" This belief leads her to dream up solutions for almost everything. Most recently she was an in-house developer for a spine rehab facility where she developed a state of the art, touch-screen driven, clinic management solution using FileMaker Pro. If you can disconnect her from her computer, you will find Levi pursuing her other love, anything active. She can usually be found on one of her bikes, tromping through the woods somewhere or chasing her dogs. Any activity from under the sea to the top of the mountain is fair game.

Bio for Abhi G.

Abhi has a MasterÕs degree in Computer Science, awarded by the University of Southern California (USC). He has several years of Software Development experience and has previously worked in the capacity of a Software Consultant and Programmer-Analyst. Abhi specializes in Custom Software Development and likes to involve himself in various facets of the development life cycle, including Requirement Analysis and Architecture Design. While working as a Consultant in Los Angeles, Abhi designed and engineered a cutting edge Process Automation System for a legal recruiting firm. He has developed several data intensive applications with a strong focus on data mining and profile based recommendations. In his free time, he likes to watch Formula-1 racing.

Bio for Rick Middleton

Rick Middleton - Vice President of Sale/Account Manager/Business Development: brings to the Excelisys family a wealth of real world experience. During Rick's time in the United States Marine Corps, his main duties were security forces, counter terrorism and "Information Technology Man". It was in the Marines that Rick learned you lead from the front. Since leaving the Marines, Rick has worked in technologies from Mac to PC, from ACT to Microsoft Outlook, and held many titles from Account Manager to Director of Sales to Director of Customer Service. While working in the security world, he dealt with customers ranging from small operations to nation wide retailers, treating each with respect and holding close to the ethic that you "say what you mean and do what you say". When Rick isn't taking care of customers, he can be found at home hanging out with his wife and kids, or out on the golf course.

Bio for Mark Clark

Mark comes to us not from the more traditional programming path, but from an extensive background in project management, wireless technology, and business solution sales in both public and private sectors. As a business owner himself, Mark not only understands the need for candor from both sides of the table during the discovery and solution process, but has gained a regional reputation for honesty and integrity and empathy for the needs of his clients. After careers in management, production and sales, Mark started his own B to B wireless sales company so he could work with clients in a non pressuring, respectful manner, on a time table that made sense for the client more than for a production report. His attention to his customers after the sale is his trademark. He has a depth of experience in successfully solving communications problems for a variety of Federal, State and Local government, and private businesses of all sizes. Mark and his wife enjoy travel to those '�off the beaten' track sorts of places, particularly if they offer turquoise water and white sand.

Bio for Rob P.

Rob is an accomplished Filemaker Pro Developer having produced his first solution way back when big hair and mullets were going out of style. His passion for programming runs so deep he's crossed state lines to follow his dreams over the years. Bringing his vast knowledge of vertical market solutions to our arsenal of expertise he hopes to move our business in a vertical direction. In his spare time Rob is a winemaking, beer brewing, ordained minister who also happens to be a third degree black belt and instructor in Kajukenbo. His favorite saying is "Knock 'em out first, pray later."

Bio for Doug West

Partner - Doug began his career automating routine tasks in OpenVMS, DOS, Windows, and Macintosh operating systems. This lead to an extensive prepress automation project using AppleScript to manage files and data in QuarkXPress and Adobe Photoshop, saving the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most of all, this helped him develop an appreciation for cost-effective solutions that provide substantial benefits to end users. This core purpose has served him well as a FileMaker Pro Developer since the late 90's. He occasionally finds time to relax when he's not building solutions for clients, fixing computers for friends and family, attending his sons' sporting events, running races in upstate New York, or hiking through the Adirondack Mountains.

Bio for Fred M

Web Application Developer

Bio for Paul S

FileMaker Pro Developer

Bio for Brad E

Graphic Designer

Bio for Kevin H

FileMaker Pro Developer

Bio for David T

FileMaker Pro Developer

Bio for Simone M

FileMaker Pro Developer

Bio for Kevin M

Web Application Developer

Bio for RJ Carroll


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