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Review by Deborah Westman of TRW Innovations, LLC

How did this whole process start? Why did I choose FileMakerPro?

I have a growing business, and I quickly found that I was spending more and more of my time processing sales and tracking inventory. I knew I needed to focus my time efficiently with growing the business, but yet I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to relieve the tasks of still processing sales and controlling the existing and new inventory orders.

FileMakerPro. FileMakerPro was the right vehicle, but still I was hesitant as to how I could customize this powerful program to fit my business’ needs.

After searching Google for a “FileMakePro expert,” I noted Excelisys was at the top of the search engine’s list. Upon clicking on the link for more information, I was instantly intrigued by their website. The slogan: “Hire the best!” first caught my eye, so I clicked on the button right below: “I want to talk”. It was that easy. Four photographed faces appeared with those individual’s direct phone lines. I was amazed because I often find key contact information buried within the site. I chose a friendly face and dialed the number. Within two rings, Todd greeted me, asked about my business concerns, explained the Excelisys process, and reassured me that Excelisys could customize my data problems, ultimately saving me time.

I took advantage of the July monthly special and purchased a block of hours. With this purchase, I also received Excelisys’ customized program, BizTracker. BizTracker, a further customizable version of FileMakerPro for businesses, had some of the very same features I was looking to incorporate into my business.

I played around with BizTracker and jotted down ways I would like to further customize it into my business. I sent this list to my developer through their BaseCamp Project management site. BaseCamp is very easy to use and basically holds all the communications and files that only you and your Excelisys developer are able to access.

The developer then customized the BizTraker file with my changes and sent the file back to me for review. I reviewed, tested it, and sent the file back with more changes. I found that you are constantly making progress with these alterations. All discussions are documented with dates and times so you can always review your progress.

This program has helped me fine tune my business’ inventory control and has enabled me to see the profit margins for every invoice. I am now integrating PayPal and UPS into the files so that with a click of a button, I will be able to get an order, process the order, and print customer-specific shipping labels. This process used to take me hours to complete, and now I can get them done by the click of a button. I look forward to completing this project, and I would HIGHLY recommend Excelisys to anyone who wants to save time and take control of their business.

Overall Rating: 4.77

I would recommend Excelisys, Inc. again We recommend Excelisys, Inc.

Initial Phase5





Project Core5


Quality of WorkExcellent

Time ManagementExcellent


Post Project5






Saved TimeSignificantly