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Review by Michael Agostinelli of American Life Enterprises, Inc.

Working with Extensitech was better than I could ever have imagined!

Having used FM for over twelve years and having experienced so-called FM Developers with limited or no project management experience working on our FM solution I decided to visit a FM National Conference in Orlando with the goal of either finding a company to write a new solution or information on what range of pay scale would be required to bring in an experienced FM developer full time. After meeting several companies and experiencing their lack of professionalism and ability to get back with us I asked our IT consultant if he new anyone with FM experience. I was introduced to Chris Cain (Extensitech). Of all of the many introductions to contractors, vendors and other professionals I experience I have to say this introduction has been the most fruitful and rewarding I have ever experienced.

Chris met with me and presented his xBase solution in which I immediately recognized his extensive FM developmental skills and what xBase could do for our company. After having Chris review our existing FM solution and making his recommendations, we experienced a critical event in which we requested Chris create an audit report in the shortest time possible. Our in-house FM developer took in excess of five days to create the report in which Chris only took 3 hours. This is when we made the decision to have Chris develop a completely new solution based on his xBase solution.

Chris is very intelligent, knowledgable, informed, patient, and most importantly can see the "big picture". It is so refreshing to have a solution that looks to the future in its ability to add locations, programs, ever changing laws, and industry trends with little to no dificulties. Chris' vast experience and knowledge in the financial, credit and automobile industries made communicating our needs and wants very easy.

Chris' commitment, patience, understanding, attention to detail, availability, sense of humor, and especially his honesty is why I would recommend him to everyone in need of a new solution or help with your existing solution. In my experience with many FM Developers there is no one better then Chris Cain and Extensitech!

Michael E. Agostinelli
American Life Enterprises, Inc.
(813) 902-9200

Overall Rating: 5.00

I would recommend Extensitech, Inc. again We recommend Extensitech, Inc.

Initial Phase5





Project Core5


Quality of WorkExcellent

Time ManagementExcellent


Post Project5






Saved TimeIncredibly