Review by Wayne Mansfield of Aviad

I asked Excelysis to resurrect a 14 year old Filemaker solution that had lost all links and connectivity. It was basically an idea with pictures. All I had was a few screen shots - and very little money. After a few initial steps, we got together on the phone, and they went through my request at the speed of lightning. They not only brought my old "solution" back to life, but completely restructured it, and made vast improvements. It was obvious to me that they really know what they're doing. What was even nicer, was that they explained what they were doing, and shared with me how they were doing it. I'm not a tech, but it was comforting to know how the process was working; and I learned a great deal from them. It's nice to wave your hand and say..."just do it" but even better to be able to be included in the process if you so desire.

They gave me a great result, on time, on budget and were excellent to work with in every way. Now that we've see what they can do, we look forward to a new, more sophisticated solution that integrates more of our operations, as soon as we have budget for it. Excelysis would be my choice without any doubt whatsoever.

Overall Rating: 4.73

I would recommend Excelisys, Inc. again We recommend Excelisys, Inc.

Initial Phase5





Project Core5


Quality of WorkExcellent

Time ManagementExcellent


Post Project

TrainingNot Applicable

SupportNot Applicable




Saved TimeSignificantly