Review by Christopher Muller of Pacific Distributing

Mr. Middleton told me exactly what was needed to transfer my files from FileMaker 3 to FileMaker 10 and what would be involved. Upon receiving the transferred files, I wasn't sure how to open them. Mr. Middleton called me and walked me through the process and then we went to "Go to Meeting" and he showed me how to do this right on my computer screen. He made the process painless and simple and assured me that I could call for followups. We talked about utilizing some of the more advanced features of Version 10 and he showed me a few examples of what we could do - very impressive. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Middleton was polite, efficient and got the job done with a minimum of effort. I would recommend your company and Mr. Middleton to anyone needing help with FileMaker Pro. Thank you for getting my system up and running again on my new computer. You have made my life much easier.

Overall Rating: 4.00

I would recommend Excelisys, Inc. again We recommend Excelisys, Inc.

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Quality of WorkGood

Time ManagementGood


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Saved TimeSignificantly