Review by Camille Turner of Chapin Hall at The University of Chicago

I think we lucked out by having a developer extremely intelligent and able to apply learnings to find the best solutions.

Based on our interviews and solicitations to other filemaker developers, I am confident we choose the best. As we progress towards conclusion of our administrative database there may be items that could have been handled differently if not better but I believe in the end we will have a database that meets all of our needs.

Just make sure that, as working with any developer, being able to communicate your needs is essential as well as your expectations. Be both upfront with what you need and responsive and your experience with your developer will be positive.

Excelisys provides multiple avenues for communicating whether things are going well or not. My expectations for what project management may be different then what was provided, but this in no way hindered the work on our project as most if not all the communication - back and forth- was handled by the technical staff.

Based on the complexity of our project, Excelisys matched us up with the most appropriate person to lead and complete the development, as I am not sure anyone else may have been able to "get us."

Once we complete our project (within the next three months or so) I will hopefully be able to provide feedback on how the database has impacted our business.

Overall Rating: 3.88

I would recommend Excelisys, Inc. again We recommend Excelisys, Inc.

Initial Phase3.5





Project Core4.25


Quality of WorkGood

Time ManagementAdequate


Post Project

TrainingNot Applicable

SupportNot Applicable


ProductivityNot Applicable

WorkflowNot Applicable

Saved TimeNot Applicable