Review by Jim Mitchell of Lakeshore Learning Materials

Excelisys Found the Solution to Our FileMaker 6 Troubles

When our older FileMaker 6 solution began to have issues crashing under load, we contracted Excelisys to give the system a health check. They took our 45+ file solution and looked at all aspects of it, including data, schema, relationships and external processes, as well as the server environment it was being run from.

Excelisys' extensive knowledge of FileMaker was able to zero in on what the true problem was -- RAM in the server machine was mis-matched to the processor. In all the troubleshooting done in-house by several individuals, that possibility was never even considered. A quick memory swap at the recommendation of Excelisys turned out to be the solution for a very baffling problem.

I highly recommend Excelisys for their knowledge of older FileMaker solutions, and have utilized their expertise on several occasions since.

Overall Rating: 5.00

I would recommend Excelisys, Inc. again We recommend Excelisys, Inc.

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Quality of WorkExcellent

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