Review by Linda Rodgers of Prevail

Database Development Services, Inc. was not the first developer we worked with, but they are certainly the most professional and supportive.

When we approached Database Development Services, our organization had two databases that we hoped to merge. These databases had been tinkered with over several years with no clear direction in mind. In addition, we had not kept up with FileMaker upgrades.

Database Development Services took on this project and very patiently worked with us to help clarify our needs and the direction that would be most helpful to our organization. It was clear they were most concerned about our needs and how to make this database serve us best.

Every step of the process was carefully discussed and planned. Our organization was involved in all the planning stages with clear documentation provided. Every effort was made to provide clear, understandable explanations to people without a lot of technical know-how. The work was all done in a very timely fashion to suit our needs and calendars.

Throughout this process, they have been available for support with any problems or additional needs. After the initial work was completed, we have continued to rely on Database Development Services to help us further improve our database as well as look to future needs.

Our current database has improved the quality of services we provide. Information is more comprehensive and immediately available because of the design changes. Completing reports is easier – and I never thought I’d be able to say that. This is due in part to the design changes, but it is also due to the training provided so users better understand the nature of a relational database and how to make it work for us.

Database Development Services, Inc. was not the first developer we worked with, but we feel like we finally found the best one for our organization’s needs.

Overall Rating: 4.85

I would recommend Database Development Services, Inc again We recommend Database Development Services, Inc

Initial Phase5





Project Core5


Quality of WorkExcellent

Time ManagementExcellent


Post Project5






Saved TimeIncredibly