Review by Linda of Direct Obits, LLC

I asked for intuitive function, Excelisys gave me innovative solutions.

I came to Excelisys in crisis mode. After researching a dozen development firms, I interviewed three. My first point of contact with Excelisys was Rick Middleton. I chose Excelisys because Rick understood my project needs and handled my panic with confidence and a sense of humor. He got me, so I hired them.

Kurt Knipple and Duane Weller were assigned to my project. Both were in the throws of an already jam-packed schedule as I challenged them to help me meet my impossibly stressful deadlines in an industry that did not yet exist... they believed in my idea and they helped me create it.

I knew from the first deliverable that they got me too. Duane's initial framework captured the scope of where I needed to be when I took the product to market. As he fleshed out the details, he made suggestions and checked my thoughts at every turn which made the product even more marketable than what I had expected. Basecamp was the fifth team member... anytime I posted a concern, a suggestion, a comment or a thought, I knew who read it, when they received it and how they commented on it. I loved that.

We worked as a team. I had lively discussions, creative input sessions, constructive web meetings and one phone conversation (which might not have been appropriate at a polite dinner party) with each team member including Christo :-)! Out of each session: my product was improved.

Excelisys helped me create an industry involving broadcast television, a previously un-tapped market, generating an annual renewable revenue stream which is successfully changing a 150 year tradition, and we're doing it in every market we've launched.

Thank you Duane, Kurt, Rick and Christo. I will continue to recommend you to everyone who needs an innovative team of programmers/developers of real honest-to-Gawd original thinkers.

Linda Wellman, CEO

Overall Rating: 4.77

I would recommend Excelisys, Inc. again We recommend Excelisys, Inc.

Initial Phase4.25





Project Core5


Quality of WorkExcellent

Time ManagementExcellent


Post Project5






Saved TimeIncredibly